Miami's legendary electronic music producer Shad T. Scott is behind Gosub projects since 1999. Releasing quality Electro & Techno injecting soul and funk to genres that can be somewhat be soulless at times.

Welcome to the official Gosub site. Here you can find out the latest activities and information about Gosub. How to make contact regarding the Gosub discography, release plans to how to book Gosub for you next event.  So explore the content of music, words, and videos we will be posting.


New Releases Coming Soon


1. 2x 12" Gosub on Libertine, Berlin

2. 12" EP Isophlux x Libertine, Berlin

3. 12" EP Dcast Dynamics - Frustrated Funk

4. 12" Gosub - R12 Records , Berlin


Gosub Techno / Electro Live

 Now available for 2020 Winter/Spring Bookings.

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